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Front Lines

Constructive dismissal

8 myths of Black service in the Canadian Expeditionary Force—and the actual realities they faced  In the fall of 1915, Lieutenant-Colonel Walter H. Allen, the white commander

Arresting development

Opposition to a French developer’s plan to build condominiums at the site where Canadian troops landed on D-Day was mounting as petitions, protests and political

Battle of the St. Lawrence: Airman down

At 3:35 a.m. on July 6, 1942, four P-40 Kittyhawk fighters scrambled out of the air station at Mont-Joli, Que., and went U-boat hunting. One

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A Frank account

Anne Frank’s first entry into that famous diary came on her 13th birthday in June 1942.   “I hope I shall be able to confide

45th Dominion Convention

Tightening The Belt   The need to increase membership and curb spending are key components of a six-point action plan announced by newly elected Dominion

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