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Canada and the new Cold War

Due North

Can Canada continue to rely on the U.S. for its defence? The Americans are our best friends whether we like it or not.” So famously

In neutral

Non-NATO members Finland and Sweden may influence Russia’s next moves The Russian invasion of Ukraine in late February has shaken the world and Western democracies

Insidious influence

China’s operatives and hackers have been busy Recent events have led many Canadians to understand that China has become more aggressive in pursuit of its

Defence on the cheap

Canada’s military policy needs a serious review Canada’s military is in trouble. Allegations of sexual misconduct by senior officers are a deeply troubling symptom that

Our Turkish ally

The Erdoğan empire has done plenty of harm  The Ottoman Empire was once a great power, controlling the Middle East, much of the Balkans and

Afghanistan goes to the Taliban

Is this the end of nation-building wars?  The 20-year war to eliminate the Taliban that had sheltered and assisted Osama bin Laden and the al-Qaida terrorist

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45th Dominion Convention

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