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Frontlines Jan18 Feature

Suspended vice-admiral outspoken in support of navy

The man temporarily relieved of his duties as vice-chief of the defence staff this week is an outspoken advocate of his beloved navy whose first words after his appointment to the military’s second-highest post constituted a harsh critique of the government that put him there. The question now is: Did Vice-Admiral Mark Norman’s advocacy...
  • Eye on defence feature

    Measuring our military’s worth

    January 16, 2017 by David J. Bercuson
    If it does nothing else, let’s hope that the current defence review gets real about what the basic missions of the Canadian Armed Forces should be. It is oft repeated that the CAF’s first mission is the defence of Canada and that its second mission...
  • Frontlines Feature Jan 13

    Trump to bring down cost of F-35 fighters

    January 16, 2017 by Stephen J. Thorne
    Calling the F-35 stealth fighter “way, way behind schedule and many, many billions of dollars over-budget,” U.S. President-elect Donald Trump pledged Wednesday to reduce its costs and get Lockheed Martin to build a better airplane. In his first news conference since July, Trump dismissed reports...
  • front-lines-feature

    Russian hacking of U.S. election opens eyes

    January 11, 2017 by Stephen J. Thorne
    Russia’s attempts to manipulate the U.S. presidential election may be a turning point in an ongoing cyberwar that pits the United States and its western allies–Canada included–against multiple, shadowy enemies. Bruce Colman, an Ottawa-based cyber-security consultant and e-commerce specialist, says the Russian saga is profoundly...
  • fl-feature

    Military leaders dominate Trump’s cabinet

    December 30, 2016 by Stephen J. Thorne
    Never in American history has a cabinet-elect been so stacked with ex-warriors as Donald Trump’s, and some question the wisdom of relying so much on the military perspective in a country that so values civilian control over its political institutions. Three top posts in Trump’s...
  • frontlines-feature-dec-14

    Trump tweets may help Canada’s bottom line

    December 15, 2016 by Stephen J. Thorne
    American defence and aviation giants are among the latest targets of Donald Trump’s relentless Twitter condemnations, and that could be good news for Canada. Boeing and Lockheed Martin have come under fire from the president-elect over airplane costs. And, while his criticism of Boeing’s non-existent...
  • Central Command Commander Gen. James Mattis and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin E. Dempsey talk on board a C-17 while in route to Baghdad, Iraq, Dec. 15,  2011.  DoD photo by D. Myles Cullen (released)

    Incoming Defense Secretary’s surprising views

    December 7, 2016 by Stephen J. Thorne
    Donald Trump’s pick for defense secretary is an outspoken former Marine Corps general known as “Mad Dog,” but don’t let the nickname fool you. James Nicholas Mattis is an insightful, charismatic leader whose motivational abilities and battlefield successes came with nuanced understanding of history, humanity...
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