A Dire Story from Afghanistan

It’s always been hard to determine what will result from the NATO mission in Afghanistan. Recently, it’s become more clear that victory is far from assured. Which is to say, that despite everything everyone did from 2001-2014, the country may simply return to the same calamitous civil war it was involved in when the...
  • Documentary about life in Afghanistan

    May 3, 2012 by Adam Day
    A short note for those interested in reliving bygone days, there is a documentary out now by Catherine Jones which tells a behind-the-scenes story of Canadian support troops at war. Check it out...
  • While the Canadian government seems increasingly intent on following through with its somewhat troubled purchase of new F-35 fighter jets for the RCAF, bad news about the project continues to roll out across the internet. In this interesting piece from the much-respected magazine Foreign Policy,...
  • Operation Nunalivut 2012 is underway in Canada’s Arctic as more than a hundred soldiers, sailors, air force and Canadian Rangers have descended on Resolute (in the C17 picture above, no less) in order to patrol, dive and fly their way across the frozen north. More...
  • Thoughtful article on Afghanistan

    April 5, 2012 by Adam Day
    Not only is this recent article a thoughtful and interesting look at the current situation in Afghanistan, it also starts with a pleasing little joke: The situation in Afghanistan is beginning to remind me of an old Russian joke about the difference between an optimist...
  • Some great reporting from Panjwaii

    April 2, 2012 by Adam Day
    With any official trial of alleged mass-murderer Robert Bales still a long, long way off, reports are starting to trickle out of Panjwaii that describe what happened that night. Until very recently, the villages in question were essentially a no-go area — when Afghan troops...
  • So, it’s a sensitive subject, talking about fear on the battlefield. While there are almost unlimited risks to life and limb in a war zone, it’s not any of the standard threats that tend to get soldiers chattering. Instead, there is one possible outcome to...
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