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War Of 1812

Battlefields Then And Now – The War Of 1812: Battle Of Lacolle Mill

After the defeat at Crysler’s Farm in the fall of 1813, Major-General James Wilkinson led about 1,200 American troops in a winter attack against Lacolle Mill, roughly 70 kilometres south of Montreal. About 200 British regulars took refuge in a wooden blockhouse while two flanks of riflemen with two cannon lay siege for several hours without much success. Rather than launch an all-out assault, Wilkinson retreated, only to have the much smaller Canadian force rally and give chase.

1812 Journal – Then & Now

The Escape of HMS Belvidera. ILLUSTRATION: JOHN WILLIAM HIGGINS, NATIONAL MARITIME MUSEUM, GREENWICH, LONDON—BHC0598 With this issue we begin a new series commemorating the bicentennial

Federal government funds 1812 projects

The federal government is providing $4.8 million to fund two dozen War of 1812 commemorative programs across the country. “Canada would not exist had the

Battlefields Then And Now – The War Of 1812: Revisiting Châteauguay

During the 200th anniversary period of the War of 1812, Legion Magazine will present a few photo essays by Ottawa photographer Dan Ward which will look at battlefields of the war as they are today. Each essay will present contemporary photographs where historic events took place, juxtaposed with archival images that capture the tumultuous events. The first focuses on the Battle of Châteauguay.

Commemorating The War Of 1812

It’s a war that didn’t change any borders, but in many ways it shaped Canada, speeding it along the road to Confederation.

1812: The War That Saved Canada

Last fall, Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore announced the federal government would invest millions of dollars to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812. That celebration, he stated, was an opportunity for all Canadians to take pride in their history and participate “in the events and activities that will mark this important anniversary for Canada.” The problem is that, with the gradual disappearance of history from school curriculums in recent decades, many Canadians today—particularly younger ones—have only the haziest of notions about the war, its causes, course and outcome. Therefore, a review of this “forgotten” conflict might be useful for those who would like a
primer on the forthcoming commemorations.

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