Letters From Bill

Be part of our online community by reading and responding to a unique collection of wartime letters from Private Bill Cameron who grew from boy to soldier during the Second World War.

Letters From Bill

Letters From Bill – Dec. 14, 1944

Canadian National Telegram From: No. 1 K9 Halifax NS 1103 AM To:  Mrs. A.J. Willard Cameron, Hopewell NS Arrived in Canada, see you in a few days. Willard Cameron 1132 AM http://credit-n.ru/zaymyi-next.html http://credit-n.ru/zaymyi-next.html
Letters From Bill

Letters From Bill – Nov. 6, 1944

Quote No. H.Q. 405-C-24, 150 (Records -2) Department of National Defence Army Nov. 6, 1944 Mrs. Ida Cameron Hopewell, Pictou Co. Nova Scotia F56192 Pte. CAMERON, Willard Gordon Dear Madam: I am directed to inform you that according to advice received from Overseas the above-mentioned member of the Canadian Army is en route to Canada on board a hospital ship. On arrival, he will be dispatched to his home District Depot, unless a change is necessary due to medical or personal reasons. While no definite promise can be given regarding disembarkation leave, it is the general practice to grant leave provided personnel do not require immediate hospital treatment. It is regretted that facilities do not permit you to proceed to port of disembarkation to meet the shi...
Letters From Bill

Letters From Bill – Nov. 3, 1944

Dear Pte. Bill, Well, we got a delightful surprise when we received your letter yesterday telling us of Hugh’s visit. It was a real surprise, after receiving one Tuesday. Aunt Florence said that if Hugh could find out about you and had been off he would certainly go to see you. He does look swell and is the same old Hugh. I laughed till I ached when he was telling us some of his experiences. He has had quite an exciting time. I told you after he was here that he was in the U.S. Merchant Marine, but you probably lost out on that letter. If possible I write three letters a week so you should get at least two out of three. They had a letter the other day from Howard telling about his visit to you. He says you are there but will eventually be OK. Do you think you are coming along all right?...
Letters From Bill

Letters From Bill – Oct. 27, 1944

Dear Mum, Dad, Sis and Jack the Commando, Back at it again folks and this time I have some news which is a big change, eh. First of all I want to tell you what a big surprise I had yesterday….  There was a show called Gentleman Jim on yesterday so I went to pass the afternoon.  Just after it was well started my name was called out on the public address system. I was wanted at the back of the hall. It was a good show and I was mad because I had to leave, but when I got to the back that soon changed. I went out and who do you think was there, Hugh Fraser! So help me I nearly called for the eye specialist. When I saw him at first, I wasn’t quite sure—he was so fat. He was in the south of England and had a day off and came to London. He went to the YMCA and made some inquiries there and ...
Letters From Bill

Letters From Bill – Oct. 24, 1944

Dear Mom, Dad, Sis and Jack the Commando, Guess I am a pretty poor son for not writing more often, but I just didn’t live up to my good intentions. Sorry folks…I am not worrying about them sending me back to the fight, Mother. If I have to go back I think I learned enough to make the dirty Jerries pay for what they gave me if I haven’t already. However, I don’t think there will be much to do when I do get back, if I do, because our fellows seem to be making it quite tough for the Hun. The news sure is good now and I don’t think it will be so awfully long. We just heard the victory guns and bells from Moscow over the radio and they sure sound good. We don’t understand how they move such great distances in so short a time. They sure have a wonderful system. Haven’t had a visit from Joh...

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