War Art

Sketchbook brings soldiers to life

Richard Johnson is an old-school war artist. He’s walked the hard miles in Iraq and Afghanistan, shunning the camera for pencil and sketchbook, speedily yet meticulously recording soldiers at war and peace in shades of grey. Born in Scotland and now living in Maryland, the man technically known as a news illustrator has taken...
  • Gyrth Russell

    July 1, 2007 by Jennifer Morse
    PHOTO: CANADIAN WAR MUSEUM—AN19710261-0223 Courtyard, Camblain L’Abbé. Using a thick palette of soft lavender, yellow, cream and blue, Gyrth Russell painted the crumbling buildings and landscapes of the Canadian sector of the Western Front. In spite of the devastation, these sun-drenched canvasses have a sleepy...
  • Walter S. Allward

    May 1, 2007 by Jennifer Morse
    PHOTOS: P. FRUTIER/ALTIMAGE FOR THE GOVERNMENT OF CANADA One of the Mourner figures near the stairs leading up to the monument; inset photos, from top: Walter S. Allward; sculpture models: Peace and Faith; The Sympathy of Canadians for the Helpless; Justice and Honour. Sculpture is...
  • Beverley Tosh

    May 1, 2007 by Jennifer Morse
    Photo: Nickle Arts Museum, Calgary Top: Shoulder-to-Shoulder Paintings by Beverley Tosh celebrate the lives of war brides. Bottom from left One-Way Passage, the portraits Kay and Nina. Bev Tosh captures the essence of what it is to be a war bride in 75 portraits on...
  • Donald Cameron Mackay

    January 1, 2007 by Jennifer Morse
    PHOTO: CANADIAN WAR MUSEUM—AN19710261-4251 Donald Cameron Mackay was an east coaster through and through. He lived by the sea and loved to paint it. This blending of location and talent led to a collection of colourful images of harbour life on the East Coast. Although...
  • Frederick Bourchier Taylor

    September 1, 2006 by Jennifer Morse
    CANADIAN WAR MUSEUM—AN19710256–221 Welder on a Kiln Section Frederick Bourchier Taylor was born in Ottawa in 1906, into a family of prosperous bankers. He began his studies in Montreal at McGill University’s School of Architecture and was soon working in that field for a few...
  • Gertrude Kearns

    July 1, 2006 by Jennifer Morse
    CANADIAN WAR MUSEUM–19950091-001 Gertrude Kearns’s paintings focus on expression as well as the inner thoughts of her subjects. From top: Dallaire #3; The Dilemma of Kyle Brown. Gertrude Kearns has attracted a lot of press as a war artist over the last few years. Much...
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