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War Art

Sketchbook brings soldiers to life

Richard Johnson is an old-school war artist. He’s walked the hard miles in Iraq and Afghanistan, shunning the camera for pencil and sketchbook, speedily yet

Brian Lorimer

Remembrance, which is two paintings, depicts a young girl walking through the ruins of a battlefield. PHOTO: BRIAN LORIMER Brian Lorimer paints big, vivid pictures

Bruce Stewart

A panel from Road Walkers. PHOTO: BRUCE STEWART Inspiration can come from the strangest places. For Ottawa artist Bruce Stewart the idea to paint the

Canada's War Art: 1812

Widow of an Indian Chief Watching The Arms of her Deceas’d Husband. ILLUSTRATION: RIVERBRINK ART MUSEUM The War of 1812 was the first and last

The Canadian Forces Artists Program

Thurston Topham’s Night Scene On The Somme. . Over the last 95 years, more than 200 artists have been charged with capturing the military history

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