Military History

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Treachery on Anticosti Island

The submarine attacks in the Gulf of St. Lawrence during the Second World War were the stuff of nightmares. How much worse would it have been if Germany had established a toehold off the coast of Quebec? That may be just what they tried to do in 1937 in an attempt to buy Anticosti...
  • Manly MacDonald

    November 1, 2003 by Jennifer Morse
    Paintings by Manly MacDonald depict work on the home front during World War 1. We often think of rugged northern landscapes when we picture Canadian art, but Manly MacDonald preferred the charm of rural life in southern Ontario. His generous style had a distinctly Canadian...
  • The Cruelest Month: Army, Part 49

    November 1, 2003 by Terry Copp
    Private H.E. Goddard of the Perth Regt. advances through a forest near Arnhem, the Netherlands, in April 1945. Canadian military historians have generally paid slight attention to the operations carried out by 1st Canadian Army in April 1945. It is almost as if the great...
  • Lawren Phillips Harris

    September 1, 2003 by Jennifer Morse
    Lawren Phillips Harris was born at Toronto in 1910. He was the eldest son of the famous Canadian artist Lawren Stewart Harris who was a founding member and leader in the Group of Seven. The son embraced the family tradition by studying art under his...
  • Winning With Reinforcements: Army, Part 48

    September 1, 2003 by Terry Copp
    Canadian army engineers construct a Bailey bridge across the Rhine River near Emmerich in April 1945. This instalment of Canadian Military History In Perspective was written in June 2003 just after I received an advance copy of my new book, Fields of Fire: The Canadians...
  • Canadian Airmen And Airwomen In The Korean War

    July 1, 2003 by Jennifer Morse
    Dan Ryan’s painting Towards Their Final Destination. In a new venture by author Carl Mills, 18 paintings were commissioned over the last few years to complement his upcoming book titled Canadian Airmen And Airwomen In The Korean War. All but two of these canvases were...
  • The Rhine Crossing: Army, Part 47

    July 1, 2003 by Terry Copp
    The covered body of a soldier lies near a sign pointing toward two German towns in March, 1945. The decision to destroy the German army west of the Rhine and then cross the river in a major operation north of the Ruhr River had been...