Military History

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HMCS Labrador explores the Arctic

Commissioned on July 8, 1954, HMCS Labrador was the first warship to sail across the Northwest Passage, returning to home port in Halifax via the Panama Canal, the first to circumnavigate North America in a single voyage. But the Wind-class icebreaker’s biggest contributions were mapping the waterways and establishing Canadian sovereignty in the Arctic....
  • Cyril Henry Barraud

    January 1, 2005 by Jennifer Morse
    CANADIAN WAR MUSEUM–AN19710261-022 Mont St. Eloi. Cyril Henry Barraud left us with a fine collection of etchings, paintings and sketches from World War I. Each piece is beautifully composed and reminiscent of a style you might find in storybooks created in the early 1900s. His...
  • High Heroes Of The Great War: Part 7 of 18

    January 1, 2005 by Arthur Bishop
    ILLUSTRATIONS: Sharif Tarabay From top: Victoria Cross recipients Billy Bishop, Alan McLeod and William Barker. This was appropriately fitting for the deeds of these men and their comrades who provided the inspiration for thousands of youths who flocked to the RCAF to serve. Two of...
  • Kingsmill’s Little Fleet: Navy, Part 6

    November 1, 2004 by Marc Milner
    PHOTO: NATIONAL ARCHIVES OF CANADA-PA167307 Trawlers and wooden drifters formed part of the East Coast patrol during WW I. On the day 100,000 men of the Canadian Corps captured Vimy Ridge in April 1917, the Royal Canadian Navy had 10 ships in commission and a...
  • Slaughter At St-Éloi: Army, Part 55

    November 1, 2004 by Terry Copp
    PHOTO: NATIONAL ARCHIVES OF CANADA, Walter B. Riddiford–PA145659 Canadian soldiers enjoy coffee on the Western Front in 1916. When the government of Kaiser Wilhelm’s Germany decided to change the balance of power in Europe by military action, it did so in the firm belief that...
  • Preparing For The Past: Air Force, Part 6

    November 1, 2004 by Hugh A. Halliday
    PHOTO: NATIONAL ARCHIVES OF CANADA The Armstrong-Whitworth Atlas, used for army co-operation flying, joined the RCAF in the late 1920s. Army cooperation flying had been the central role of aircraft during World War I (Eyes In The Skies, March/April). In the interwar years, the Royal...
  • Paraskeva Clark

    November 1, 2004 by Jennifer Morse
    CANADIAN WAR MUSEUM–AN19710261-0685 ‘Quaicker Girls’. Paraskeva Clark’s paintings depict activities of the Royal Canadian AirForce Women’s Division. Paraskeva Clark believed the art of a nation is not made by a few elite artists of the time, but by the many who give us variety in...

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