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Pilots Down

Canada’s most up-to-date aircraft in 1939 was the Northrop Delta, manufactured under licence by Canadian Vickers Ltd. in Montreal. It was about the size of a de Havilland DHC-3 Otter—a large, single-engine, low-wing monoplane, powerful and fast. Although noisy and said to be nose-heavy, the Delta was a versatile aircraft and pilots generally spoke...
  • Charles Goldhamer

    March 1, 1999 by Jennifer Morse
    With calmness and precision, Charles Goldhamer created lasting impressions of life in the air force, including sketches and paintings of airmen who had suffered severe burns. From top to bottom: Servicing Aero Engine, Burnt Airman and Captain Herbert W. Reeves. War artist Charles Goldhamer’s sketches...
  • As Canada’s chief army historian between 1945-59, Colonel C.P. Stacey rarely employed emotional language in his writing about WW II, but when it came to describing the July 1944 battles for Verrières Ridge, he included the following: “Three miles or so south of Caen the...
  • Robert Buckham

    January 1, 1999 by Jennifer Morse
    Art was Robert Buckham’s life—or at least his sanity. It got him through the hell of two forced marches during his time as a PoW in Germany during WW II. From top to bottom: On The March, April 1945; RAF Polish Officer. Born in Toronto...
  • TAF Over Normandy: Army, Part 24

    January 1, 1999 by Terry Copp
    The 75th anniversary year for the Royal Canadian Air Force is also the 55th anniversary year for the Battle of Normandy. Without a doubt, the story of the RCAF’s part in the struggle to liberate France has captured the imaginations of air historians. However, few...
  • Florence Wyle

    November 1, 1998 by Jennifer Morse
    Florence Wyle’s bronze sculptures depict women and men at work on the home front. From top to bottom: Woman With Adapter; Furnace Man. For sculptor Florence Wyle, WW I brought welcome relief from chronic poverty. It came in the form of a commission from the...
  • Allied Bombing In Normandy: Army, Part 23

    November 1, 1998 by Terry Copp
    The ongoing debate over the role of Bomber Command in WW II generally ignores the contribution made to the direct defeat of the German army. If the role of heavy bombers in Normandy is discussed the emphasis is on the bombing of Caen or the...
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