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A tale of two PoWs

In the spring and summer of 1943, while an officer with the Royal Canadian Air Force was overseeing the secret excavation of tunnels for a mass escape from a Nazi prisoner-of-war camp—the subject of the movie The Great Escape—a German naval officer was doing the same thing for a mass escape from a Canadian PoW camp 6,500 kilometres...
  • Valour In The Navy: Part 14 of 18

    March 1, 2006 by Arthur Bishop
    ILLUSTRATIONS: Sharif Tarabay From top: Victoria Cross recipients Rowland Richard Louis Bourke, Robert Hampton Gray and Frederick Thornton Peters. All three Canadian naval recipients of the Victoria Cross earned the decoration while serving with the Royal Navy. One was for bravery in World War I,...
  • Walter Hose To The Rescue: Navy, Part 13

    January 1, 2006 by Marc Milner
    PHOTOS: LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES CANADA—PA062488; PA194187 Top: Walter Hose (second from left) attends a defence meeting in Ottawa in 1930; His Majesty’s Canadian Ship Skeena is launched from her builder’s yard in England in 1931. No naval officer was more integral to the early years...
  • Taking The Rough Land Of Sicily: Army, Part 62

    January 1, 2006 by Terry Copp
    PHOTO: LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES CANADA—PA183278 A Canadian soldier leads pack mules forward. One of the original reasons for mounting Operation Husky, the July 1943 invasion of Sicily, was the hope that the conquest of Italian territory would hasten the fall of Mussolini’s government. On July...
  • Patrolling The Coasts: Air Force, Part 13

    January 1, 2006 by Hugh A. Halliday
    PHOTO: LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES CANADA—CO28590 At least three flying boats can be seen in this photo taken at Jericho Beach, Vancouver, in 1921. Much of the Royal Canadian Air Force’s military flying after World War I had little application to preparations for WW II. A...
  • Gerald Edward Moira

    January 1, 2006 by Jennifer Morse
    CANADIAN WAR MUSEUM—AN19710261-0429; AN19710261-0427; AN19710261-0428 Above: The three panels of Gerald Moira’s triptych of No. 3 Stationary Hospital near Doullens, France. In the early years of the Canadian War Memorial Fund (CWMF), Lord Beaverbrook turned to British artists to document Canadian subjects in World War...
  • Securing Victory: Part 13 of 18

    January 1, 2006 by Arthur Bishop
    ILLUSTRATIONS: SHARIF TARABAY Top row from left: Victoria Cross recipients George Fraser Kerr, Graham Thomson Lyall and Milton Gregg; Middle row from left: Samuel Lewis Honey, John MacGregor and William Merrifield; Bottom row from left: Wallace Lloyd Algie, Coulson Norman Mitchell, Thomas Ricketts and Hugh...

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