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Honouring Aboriginal veterans

In Confederation Park, just a block or so down the hill from the National War Memorial in Ottawa, the National Aboriginal Veterans Monument was unveiled on National Indigenous Peoples Day, June 21, 2001, the year Canada entered the war in Afghanistan. It was a long time coming, for tens of thousands of First Nations,...
  • Frederick Horsman Varley

    January 1, 2000 by Jennifer Morse
    Frederick Horsman Varley produced a number of painitings that depict simple, disturbing truths about war. From top to bottom: The Sunken Road, For What? and Gas Chamber at Seaford. The war art of F.H. Varley is economical. It pulls no punches; neither does it glamorize....
  • Our Polish Comrades: Army, Part 29

    January 1, 2000 by Terry Copp
    Canadians have a particularly close relationship with the Polish Armoured Division that fought as part of the 1st Canadian Army throughout much of WW II. Many Polish veterans, unwilling to return to their country while it was under Soviet control, settled in Canada and this...
  • Reassessing Operation Totalize: Army, Part 27

    September 1, 1999 by Terry Copp
    On July 30, 1944, Lieutenant-General Guy Simonds summoned the senior officers of 2nd Canadian Corps to his main headquarters at the chateau in Cairon, northwest of Caen. There was complete silence as Simonds described the deeds that had won the Victoria Cross for Major J.K....
  • Pegi Nicol MacLeod

    May 1, 1999 by Jennifer Morse
    Pegi Nicol MacLeod’s abiding respect for Canadian servicewomen is recognized in her war art. From top to bottom: Spoon Bouquet, Shy WRCN and Morning Parade. Pegi Nicol MacLeod’s paintings are alive with colour and curves. Her war art has a loose and easy style that...
  • General Bernard Montgomery’s armoured blitzkrieg–Operation Goodwood–ended July 20, 1944, in a storm of rain and recriminations. Before the battle, Montgomery had talked confidently of a “real showdown on the eastern flank” with his armour reaching as far as Falaise. When the operation ended the industrial...
  • Charles Goldhamer

    March 1, 1999 by Jennifer Morse
    With calmness and precision, Charles Goldhamer created lasting impressions of life in the air force, including sketches and paintings of airmen who had suffered severe burns. From top to bottom: Servicing Aero Engine, Burnt Airman and Captain Herbert W. Reeves. War artist Charles Goldhamer’s sketches...
Veterans Benefits Survey 2019

How well does Canada look after its veterans?

It is an important question, and Canvet Publications is seeking your input. Please take the time to fill out the following survey on your satisfaction with the benefits offered to Canadian veterans.