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On this date: August 2020

1 August 1957 Canada and the United States form the North American Aerospace Defence Command (Norad) to integrate air defences. 2 August 1990 Iraq invades Kuwait. Canada contributed 4,500 military personnel to the 1991 Gulf War. 3 August 1981 Egypt and Israel sign a peace treaty, the Sinai is returned to Egypt and a...
  • On this date: July/August 2020

    July 2, 2020 by Legion Magazine
    1 July 2020 Canada Day celebrations on Parliament Hill are replaced with virtual celebrations due to COVID-19. 2 July 1940 HMCS St. Laurent rescues 868 German and Italian internees and PoWs bound for Canada, survivors of the torpedoed liner SS Arandora Star, in one of the largest rescue...
  • On this date: June 2020

    June 2, 2020 by Legion Magazine
    1 June 2004 Canadian police and military personnel play significant roles in the UN stabilization mission to Haiti, supporting the transitional government and reforming the national police force. 2 June 2008 Under machine-gun fire in Afghanistan, Master Corporal Brent Gallant uses his body to shield a...
  • On this date: May 2020

    May 4, 2020 by Legion Magazine
    1 May 2002 HMCS St. John’s joins the Canadian Naval Task Group, part of the multinational anti-terrorism campaign in the Persian Gulf. 3 May 1942 The Nazis require Dutch Jews aged six and over to wear yellow stars with the word ‘Jood’ (Jew) on their clothing. 4 May 1945...
  • On this date: April 2020

    April 1, 2020 by Legion Magazine
      1 April 1734 The lighthouse at Louisbourg on Cape Breton Island is officially lit; the only other on the entire eastern coast of North America is in Boston. 2 April 1871 Canada’s population is 3,689,257, according to the first census of the Dominion of...
  • On this date: March 2020

    March 2, 2020 by Legion Magazine
    1 March 1917 Fourth Canadian Division launches a poison gas raid at Vimy Ridge, but German artillery ruptures some of the gas cylinders and many Canadians are overcome when the wind changes direction. 2 March 2008 Trooper Michael Yuki Hayakaze is killed by an improvised...
  • On this Date: February 2020

    February 4, 2020 by Legion Magazine
    1 February 1911 Royal Canadian Naval Service recruitment posters go up in post offices across Canada. 2 February 2003 HMCS Regina joins the Canadian Naval Task Group, part of the international anti-terrorism campaign in the Persian Gulf. 3 February 1942 The Canadian Women’s Auxiliary Air...
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