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On this date: January 2017

1 January 1943 No. 6 (RCAF) Bomber Group begins operations. 2 January 1908 Dawn of the domestically produced penny, 95.5 per cent copper. 3-4 January 1943 No. 6 Bomber Group’s first mission is to lay mines off the Frisian Islands. 5 January 1838 U.S. citizens are forbidden to take sides in Canadian rebellions. 6...
  • Photograph taken from a Japanese plane during the torpedo attack on ships moored on both sides of Ford Island. View looks about east, with the supply depot, submarine base and fuel tank farm in the right center distance. A torpedo has just hit USS West Virginia on the far side of Ford Island (center). Other battleships moored nearby are (from left): Nevada, Arizona, Tennessee (inboard of West Virginia), Oklahoma (torpedoed and listing) alongside Maryland, and California. On the near side of Ford Island, to the left, are light cruisers Detroit and Raleigh, target and training ship Utah and seaplane tender Tangier. Raleigh and Utah have been torpedoed, and Utah is listing sharply to port. Japanese planes are visible in the right center (over Ford Island) and over the Navy Yard at right. Japanese writing in the lower right states that the photograph was reproduced by authorization of the Navy Ministry.  U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command Photograph.

    On this date: December 2016

    December 1, 2016 by Legion Magazine
      1 DECEMBER 1940 HMCS Saguenay is torpedoed on escort duty; 21 die, but the ship can be repaired. 2 DECEMBER 1963 The 24,000-km undersea Commonwealth Pacific Cable System links Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Britain. 3 DECEMBER 1989 Nine peacekeepers leave for Honduras for...
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    On this date: November 2016

    November 1, 2016 by Legion Magazine
    1 November 1952 The U.S. tests its first hydrogen bomb. 2 November 1951 One Canadian dies and 13 are wounded in a diversionary raid by the Chinese on Hill 187 in Korea. 3 November 1687 Fort Chambly repels an Iroquois raid. 4 November 1995 Canada...
  • soviet-r-12-nuclear-ballistic_missile

    On this date: October 2016

    October 1, 2016 by Legion Magazine
    1 OCTOBER 1916 The Battle of Ancre Heights begins. 2 OCTOBER 1952 Three are killed, 10 wounded when the HMCS Iroquois is hit by a shore battery in North Korea. 3 OCTOBER 1927 Prime Minister W.L. Mackenzie King chats with the British PM, inaugurating Canadian...
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    On this date: September 2016

    September 1, 2016 by Legion Magazine
    1 September 1942 HMCS Morden sinks U-756 southwest  of Ireland. 2 September 1918 The Canadian Corps hammers the Hindenburg Line. 3 September 1943 Canadian and British forces land on mainland Italy. 4 September 2013 Jules Paivio dies, last Mackenzie- Papineau Batallion veteran, who defied federal laws...
  • white house feature

    On this date: August 2016

    July 31, 2016 by Legion Magazine
      1 AUGUST 1959 Georges P. Vanier, Canada’s first French-speaking governor general, is appointed. 2 AUGUST 1909 The Silver Dart makes its first passenger flight, in an army evaluation at Camp Petawawa. 3 AUGUST 2006 Four soldiers of the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry are...
  • July1

    On this date: July 2016

    June 29, 2016 by Legion Magazine
      1 July 1916 The Newfoundland Regiment is nearly wiped out at Beaumont-Hamel in France. 2 July 1941 The Canadian Women’s Auxiliary Air Force is created. 3 July 1814 Fort Erie surrenders to American troops as the Niagara Peninsula campaign begins. 4 July 1886 The...
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