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On this date: December

 1 December 1943 Joseph Stalin, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill meet in Tehran and express their determination to win the war in Europe. 2

On this date: November 2022

1 November 1918 Sgt. Hugh Cairns earns the Victoria Cross for capturing multiple machine-gun crews near Valenciennes, France. He is mortally wounded in the process.

On this date: October 2022

1 October 1917  Lt.-Col. Philip Bent is posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross for leading a successful counterattack to regain lost positions near Polygon Wood, Belgium. 3

On this date: September 2022

2 September 1945  Japan signs an unconditional surrender, ending six years of war. 3 September 1916  The Canadian Corps take a front along Pozières Ridge

On this date: August 2022

 1 AUGUST 1957 Canada and the United States form the North American Aerospace Defense Command (Norad) to integrate air defences.   2 AUGUST 1909 The

On this date: July 2022

  2 JULY 1904  The Canadian Army Medical Corps is authorized. 4 JULY 2007  Six Canadians are killed when their armoured vehicle hits a roadside

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