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The U-boat Summer of 1918: Navy, Part 8

PHOTO: THE MARINERS’ MUSEUM, NEWPORT NEWS, VA. Although nearly destroyed in 1918, the Dornfontein was resurrected as the Netherton in 1919. On July 31, 1918,

Menace Below The Surface: Navy, Part 7

PHOTO: NATIONAL ARCHIVES OF CANADA–PA171102 Workers add the finishing touches to two drifters being built for the navy at Lauzon, Que., in 1917. The attack

Kingsmill’s Little Fleet: Navy, Part 6

PHOTO: NATIONAL ARCHIVES OF CANADA-PA167307 Trawlers and wooden drifters formed part of the East Coast patrol during WW I. On the day 100,000 men of

Saved By A Few Good Men: Navy, Part 4

PHOTO: NOTMAN STUDIO, national Archives of canada–PA028499 Members of the Royal Naval College of Canada’s class of 1912 practise rowing near Halifax. By the time

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