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Heroes And Villains

Goddard & the Taliban

The first Canadian female officer to lead troops into battle encounters a deadly ambush in Afghanistan “We have a burden of responsibility to make the world

Haig & Ludendorff

DOUGLAS HAIG Notwithstanding the many difficulties, much has been achieved,” British Expeditionary Force (BEF) commander-in-chief Field Marshal Douglas Haig announced shortly after the Third Battle of

Hughes-Hallett & Haase

JOHN HUGHES-HALLETT Just after 1 p.m. on Aug. 19, 1942, Captain John Hughes-Hallett stood on the bridge of HMS Calpe—Operation Jubilee’s command destroyer—and ordered the

Czech assasins & Heydric

Czech assasins Two agents exact revenge on the Butcher of Prague JOZEF GABČÍK AND JAN KUBIŠ “I’ve been picked for a mission,” Jan Kubiš told an

Alexander & Kesselring

Harold Alexander Two supreme commanders sparred for victory in Italy “No other troops in the world but German paratroops could have stood up to such an

C.D. Howe and Albert Speer

Canada’s war production ultimately outpaced Germany’s When war broke out in September1939, Parliament passed the Department of Munitions and Supply Act. Consequently, a civilian department

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