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Canada & the Victoria Cross

The mystery of the Thames Victoria Cross

In December 2015, a “mudlark” treasure-hunting along the bank of the Thames River in southern England found a corroded metal cross buried in the ooze

Valour To The End: Part 18 of 18

ILLUSTRATIONS: SHARIF TARABAY Clockwise from top left: Victoria Cross recipients David Vivian Currie, Aubrey Cosens, Frederick Albert Tilston and Frederick George Topham. During the World

The Airmen of '44: Part 17 of 18

ILLUSTRATIONs: Sharif Tarabay From top: Victoria Cross recipients Andrew Charles Mynarski, David Ernest Hornell, and Ian Willoughby Bazalgette. All three Canadian airmen awarded the Victoria

Three In Italy: Part 16 of 18

ILLUSTRATIONS: Sharif Tarabay From top: Victoria Cross recipients Paul Triquet, John Keefer Mahony and Ernest Alvia Smokey Smith. As a result of the Allied conquest

Hong Kong, Dieppe And Burma: Part 15 of 18

ILLUSTRATIONs: Sharif Tarabay Clockwise from top left: Victoria Cross recipients John Robert Osborn, Charles Ferguson Hoey, Charles Cecil Merritt and John Weir Foote. In addition

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