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The ties that bind

PoWs bore the brunt of a shackling spat during the Second World War  When Canadians hit the beaches at Dieppe in August 1942, they were ordered to prevent

D-Day bicycle

Quick and quiet, this folding bike played a key Canadian role in Normandy The 14,000 Canadian troops that landed on Juno Beach on D-Day, June

Trench art

Soldiers engraved their stories in the soft metal of shell casings Railway engineer Patrick Joseph LeBlanc had a very long war. He enlisted in the 52nd

Returned ensign

It flew on a surrendered U-boat, then was taken as a trophy A ship’s ensign indicates the vessel’s national identity. It also embodies its crew’s

Fujita’s blade

When a Japanese vice-admiral surrendered in 1945, he also handed over his tachi Canadian Navy Lieutenant William Lore was aboard when the British fleet sailed into

Poignant remnants

Several steel pieces from the World Trade Center have come to rest in Canada The centrepiece of a ceremony in Gander, N.L., marking the 20th

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