Voices from war’s end

The most familiar images from the end of the war are the joyful and sometimes raucous VE-Day celebrations on May 8, 1945. But the war did not end all at once for everybody. Freedom came in stages as the Allied front crept forward across Europe. Canadian liberators fought town to town, beginning in Sicily...
  • TAF Over Normandy: Army, Part 24

    January 1, 1999 by Terry Copp
    The 75th anniversary year for the Royal Canadian Air Force is also the 55th anniversary year for the Battle of Normandy. Without a doubt, the story of the RCAF’s part in the struggle to liberate France has captured the imaginations of air historians. However, few...
  • Allied Bombing In Normandy: Army, Part 23

    November 1, 1998 by Terry Copp
    The ongoing debate over the role of Bomber Command in WW II generally ignores the contribution made to the direct defeat of the German army. If the role of heavy bombers in Normandy is discussed the emphasis is on the bombing of Caen or the...
  • The Normandy Battle Of Attrition: Army, Part 22

    September 1, 1998 by Terry Copp
    The American military historian Stephen Ambrose has a new bestseller in the bookstores. It’s called Citizen Soldiers and in it he describes the United States Army from the Normandy landings to the surrender of Germany. Ambrose is one of a small, but growing group of...
  • The Airborne On D-Day: Army, Part 21

    May 1, 1998 by Terry Copp
    When historians really immerse themselves in the world inhabited by the men who planned the invasion of France in 1944, two things quickly become evident. Everyone expressed confidence that the operation would succeed and everyone feared it might fail. It was this nightmare of “the...
  • D-Day At Sea And In The Air: Army, Part 20

    March 1, 1998 by Terry Copp
    The long frustrating debate over the timing and location of a Second Front in Northwest Europe came to an end at the Quebec Conference of August 1943. Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt and their senior military advisers were briefed on the progress of Operation Neptune, the...
  • Battle Exhaustion In WW II: Army, Part 19

    January 1, 1998 by Terry Copp
    When 1st Canadian Division veterans recall the Italian campaign, memories of Ortona and the winter that followed are never far from the surface. The battles of December 1943 produced casualties on a scale that reminded men of the western front in 1916. One month of...

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