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The Switch

Canada’s military and armed forces around the world are taking steps to fight climate change by reducing their emissions It is, as the old saying

The Great Experiment

How the first Battle of Cambrai changed warfare forever For three years into late-1917, Allied and German forces had been locked in a deadly stalemate,

Constructive dismissal

8 myths of Black service in the Canadian Expeditionary Force—and the actual realities they faced  In the fall of 1915, Lieutenant-Colonel Walter H. Allen, the white commander

Operation Overflow

Canada’s military faced its first modern mission in response to a domestic natural disaster during the 1948 once-in-a-century flood in southern B.C. It is virtually

Bolting for the Baltic

How a Canadian battalion’s mad dash to northern Germany at the end of the war stopped Soviet advances toward the West Wismar, located on Germany’s

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