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Operation Overflow

Canada’s military faced its first modern mission in response to a domestic natural disaster during the 1948 once-in-a-century flood in southern B.C. It is virtually

Bolting for the Baltic

How a Canadian battalion’s mad dash to northern Germany at the end of the war stopped Soviet advances toward the West Wismar, located on Germany’s

Operation Apollo

The 9/11 attack triggered an international response, and Canada was quick to join the fight Many Canadians learned their soldiers were fighting a war in

Caterpillars at Courcelette

The tank, Britain’s new secret weapon, spread fear across the battlefield during Canada’s first major offensive operation In the minds of many, the First World


It was 1967 and winter was fast approaching for Frank Worthington. The renowned retired major-general, who to this day is known throughout the Canadian military

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The Parliament bombing of 1966

On May 18, 1966, a lone man left the public galleries of the House of Commons during a debate and went to the men’s washroom

The story of a forgotten airplane

In early March, the co-founder of Microsoft, Paul Allen, led an expedition 800 kilometres east of Australia, where he found the long-lost wreck of the

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