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Prince of Death: Canada’s Indigenous war hero

Tommy Prince honed his early tracking skills to deadly perfection. “He used to carry a pair of moccasins in his bag with him…he was deathly quiet,” recalled a comrade. “The Germans thought he was a ghost or a devil. They could never figure out how he passed the lines and the sentries.”

On this date : February 2023

1 February 1944 A Canadian corps operates on the front line, in Italy, for the first time since the Great War. 2 February 1915 A German spy

Port Arthur earns its U-boat bounty

The citizens of Port Arthur, Ont., (now part of Thunder Bay) even offered $1,000 in prize money if the ship named for their town destroyed a Nazi submarine.
In January 1943, the sailors of HMCS Port Arthur earned that prize.

The Switch

Canada’s military and armed forces around the world are taking steps to fight climate change by reducing their emissions It is, as the old saying

The Canadian who was the real life James Bond

He was a decorated First World War air ace, a business titan and a spymaster who set up the British espionage system in the Americas, schooled the United States in undercover operations and established a spy school in Canada.

The Buffalo’s last run

A venerable search-and-rescue plane, the de Havilland CC-115 retired from service one year ago

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