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The RCMP turns 100

When Canada bought Rupert’s Land from the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1870, it needed to police those millions of square kilometres, so in 1873, the North West Mounted Police was formed by an act of Parliament. Successful applicants had to be males between the ages of 18 and 40, of sound constitution and good...
  • Hard-water Sailing

    March 1, 2002 by Steve Pitt
    Spectators gather at the foot of Toronto’s Bay St. to view a variety of iceboats in 1907. “There were the iceboats, which were a very great delight to us. They were made triangular with one piece of iron at the point and two others on...
  • Festivals For Us Folks

    March 1, 2002 by Marla Fletcher
    Throat singers Melody Kuneluk and Evik Ayalik at Yellowknife’s Folks On the Rocks festival. Chances are good Richard Davis will find himself in Edmonton’s Gallagher Park on Aug. 8-11. It’s where the confirmed folk festival lover has been most second weekends in August over the...
  • Rolling Out The Russell

    January 1, 2002 by Steve Pitt
    Thomas Russell poses behind the wheel during a display of Russell cars in the early 1900s. On a brisk February day in 1907, four brave men eased a brand new, slightly modifed automobile off solid ground and headed out onto the windswept ice of Lake...
  • The Honours We Bestow

    January 1, 2002 by Norman Brown
      Canada’s honours system includes (from left) the Companion of the Order of Canada; Officer of the Order of Canada; Member of the Order of Canada. It gives Canadians, without their asking, a deserved moment in the spotlight. It represents an honour to the individual...
  • The Oil Springs Of Ontario

    November 1, 2001 by Steve Pitt
      A gusher that occurred in Petrolia in 1902. Before there was the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, before supertankers and pipelines, in 1858 there were two men with shovels and a swamp in Canada. One of the men was a luck-starved entrepreneur with the...
  • Lunenburg By The Sea

    November 1, 2001 by Laura Byrne Paquet
    A working seaport and a historic downtown core are among Lunenburg’s greatest assets. For more than two centuries, life in Lunenburg, N.S., revolved around the fishing industry. Old salts mended nets on the wharf, wives paced the shore awaiting their husband’s return, and young men...
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