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Eyewitness to war

Now the rest of the assault troops are going in. I am going ashore with them.” This was the last line in Ross Munro’s dispatch on D-Day. As the lead correspondent in Europe for The Canadian Press during the Second World War, he covered D-Day on June 6, 1944, as well as the 1941 Canadian raid...
  • The Harvesters

    March 1, 2001 by Glenn Wright
    size=”2″> For almost 40 years, harvest excursions were organized in Eastern Canada to assist prairie farmers with the grain harvest. Thousands of men and women were recruited, no experience necessary, and transported out west to work in the fields, to ensure that Canada maintained its...
  • Land Of Lady’s Slippers

    March 1, 2001 by Marla Fletcher
    Showy Lady’s Slipper orchids add light and beauty to the Purdon Conservation Area near Ottawa. You have to wonder what Joe Purdon would have thought as a hot pink tour bus comes crunching in off Concession Road 8 in Lanark, Ont., shattering the morning quiet...
  • More Deadly Than War Itself

    January 1, 2001 by Pat Sullivan
      In 1918—just as World War I was coming to an end—along came a virus, a previously unknown killer that would claim more lives than the war—and in a shorter period of time. In less than two years, the Spanish influenza killed 21 million people...
  • Bombardier’s Soaring Success

    January 1, 2001 by Laura Byrne Paquet
    The 50-seat Canadair Regional Jet assembly line at Dorval, Quebec. A willingness to take risks, as any modern business maverick will tell you, is one of the keys to corporate success. And Bombardier Inc., a Canadian corporation that builds everything from motorized recreational products to...
  • A Bridge With Two Tragedies

    November 1, 2000 by James M. Whalen
    The twisted remains of the 1907 Quebec Bridge collapse. Spanning the St. Lawrence River near Quebec City, the massive Quebec Bridge has a history of triumph and tragedy. Completed in 1917 at a cost of more than $22 million, it is the longest cantilever bridge...
  • The Tidal Bore

    November 1, 2000 by Alex Madsen
    The leading edge of the tidal bore arrives in Moncton, N.B. The first time I saw it I was standing on a promenade overlooking the river. Right next to me was a couple visiting from South Africa and both of them were very excited about...

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