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The Upper Canada Rebellion

William Lyon Mackenzie was a short, combustible, red-haired Scottish immigrant who coined the term “Family Compact.” He used it to describe the small network of wealthy

The summit series

On Sept. 2, 1972, I was a teenager spending the weekend at a friend’s cottage. They had a television there. My pal and I were

The Acadian expulsion

At least 10,000 Acadians were forcibly displaced In the century after it was established in 1604, the eastern North American colony of Acadia changed hands

The Winnipeg General Strike

The largest strike in Canadian history started with metal and building workers seeking better wages and working conditions. Labourers had been pushing for similar changes

A Frank account

Anne Frank’s first entry into that famous diary came on her 13th birthday in June 1942.   “I hope I shall be able to confide

Alberta’s first (real) oil boom

May 1914, the Dingman well in Turner Valley, Alta., blew in, heralding an oil boom. Only 50 wells were drilled, but by summer there were

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