Letters From Garnet

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Letters From Garnet – Witley Camp, April 17, 1919

 “…thousands of men out of work…” Witley Camp, April 17, 1919 Dear Folks, Well: here we are in Blighty and finished with France and Belgium, I hope. It’s mighty good to be in a land where you don’t have to try swallowing your tongue when you want to say something and one can live...
  •  “…..rioting in Montreal over the conscription bill…”   Miss Millie Dobbs, Seaford Camp, June 13, 1917 25 Howland Ave, Toronto, Ont., Canada   Dear Sister, Well: here we are at our destination at last and some trip we have had.   …We didn’t know which camp...
  • by Valerie Wilson Imagine you are trying to write a letter by candlelight while your fingers are stiff with cold. You are sitting on a battered petrol tin that is slowly sinking into the mud beneath you. It’s raining…it’s been raining for days. You are...
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