Humour Hunt

Gunfire at the Château Frontenac

– Illustration by Malcolm Jones – This issue, we have a mix of tales ranging from a sly private and unconventional menu items to a story about wartime gunfire in the halls of Quebec’s famed hotel, the Château Frontenac. Bob Anglin of Ottawa, who joined the Black Watch in the 1960s, recalls an incident...
  • Humour Hunt

    July 31, 2014 by Legion Magazine
    Here’s an item from D.S. Climie of Nipigon, Ont.: “Because of a surplus of trained artillery officers, I sat around transit camp in Windsor, N.S., from July to November, 1943. Many of us were given leave in October and my roommate brought back from Montreal,...
  • Humour Hunt

    July 3, 2014 by Legion Magazine
    Hugh Baird of Oshawa, Ont., says the soldier in a military hospital greeted the new arrival with: “Don’t trust the night nurse – she keeps the bedpans in the fridge.” That reminded us of story about the late Joe Finn of Ottawa, a renowned practical...
  • Humour Hunt

    July 1, 2014 by Legion Magazine
    Legionnaire David Sim was wounded at Passchendaele at age 17 and became a deputy minister in the Department of National Revenue in 1930 at 30, the youngest ever appointed to that rank in the federal civil service. Sim has always been a passionate believer in...
  • Humour Hunt

    June 26, 2014 by Legion Magazine
    John D. Kenney of Windsor, Ont., reminds us indirectly that recipients gave all kinds of outlandish reasons for being awarded the Canadian Volunteer Service Medal. He quotes a chief petty officer of his motor torpedo boat as telling a Yank in a pub on the...
  • Humour Hunt

    June 24, 2014 by Legion Magazine
    Hugh Baird of Oshawa, Ont., sent a story about a pensioner who walked into the local and asked for a pint of 1914 ale. The barman was puzzled and asked the manager what he should do. “That’s all right,” said the manager, “just give him...
  • Humour Hunt

    June 19, 2014 by Legion Magazine
    First World War veteran Herb Stonham of Dunnville, Ont., recalled this incident at Camp Borden in 1916 when his unit was preparing for embarkation leave:    “We were all on our best behavior except for Private Williams who somehow landed himself six days at Confined...

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