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Humour Hunt

Sudden surrender

Kathy Beaupre of Geraldton, Ont., sent along a copy of an article published, probably in the 1960s, in the Fort William Daily Times Journal (long ago

Swordless salute

On approaching the dais at a Royal Military College of Canada parade, the officer at the head of a troop lowered his sword in salute.

Deerly departed

Alex Gauthier, a retired sergeant from the Governor General’s Foot Guards, recalls a reserves exercise at CFB Petawawa in August 1984.  As a corporal with

Biscuits in Bed

Many Canadian soldiers arriving in Britain at the start of the Second World War found themselves billeted at Aldershot, which had been a training ground

HUMOUR HUNT: Speaking American

As a naval reservist, Fraser McKee of Toronto completed a long anti-submarine specialist course in the 1950s and ’60s. He knew how to hunt subs,

To the prince!

Peter Magwood of Dartmouth, N.S., recalls when he was a petty officer aboard HMCS Annapolis on a port visit to Rosyth, Scotland, during a NATO

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