War of 1812 commemorations continue

The commemoration period for the War of 1812 is not over, despite uninformed media reports to the contrary. An offshoot of the Napoleonic wars, The War of 1812 started  with the United States declaring war on Great Britain, and ended with signing of the Treaty of Ghent in December 1814.  But news travelled slowly...
  • Bomber Command Memorial unveiled

    June 29, 2012 by Sharon Adams
    Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh today  unveiled the Bomber Command Memorial in London, an event captured for online viewing here. The memorial features  statues of a seven-man bomber crew  sheltered by a roof incorporating sections of aluminum recovered from a Handley Page...
  • Korean War heroes

    June 25, 2012 by Sharon Adams
    Detail from the Monument to Canadian Fallen in Busan, Republic of Korea.  PHOTO: DAN BLACK, LEGION MAGAZINE   Early in the morning 62 years ago today (June 25), the North Korean People’s Army sent  troops to invade South Korea, the beginning of a bitter civil...
  • The inaugural speech of Dominion President Gordon Moore was the highlight of the third and final day of the 44th Dominion Convention of the Royal Canadian Legion. Moore said he will continue to advocate for veterans, work to improve membership retention and acquisition rates, and...
  • Listen to the speech by Brian Watkins, Canada’s Representative, Royal Commonwealth Ex-services League at the 44th Dominion Convention in...
  • Veterans affairs and commemoration dominated the agenda during the second business day for the 1,075 accredited delegates of the 44th Dominion Convention of the Royal Canadian Legion in Halifax Tuesday. In his keynote address, Chief of the Defence Staff General Walt Natynczyk said the Legion,...
  • First Day Of Business Focuses On Veterans Issues

    June 12, 2012 by Sharon Adams
    The 1,075 accredited delegates at the Royal Canadian Legion’s 44th Dominion Convention in Halifax got down to business Monday–and veterans’ issues were at the top of everyone’s agenda. Dominion President Pat Varga announced $500,000 start-up funding for a nation-wide homeless veterans program. As part of...
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