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Tait McKenzie: One of the Immortals

Tait McKenzie One of the Immortals By: Ernest Rivers Macpherson January 1957 Last June a large gathering of Scots and Canadians of Scottish extraction met

Mobilizing for War

Mobilizing for War By Wilfrid Bovey October, 1953 Before July, 1914, was over, militia regiments all through the country were alerted for the coming trial

What Made Vimy So Memorable?

  What Made Vimy So Memorable? By D. E. Macintyre April 1960 Canadians fought and won hard battles in the First World War, fought them

Tragi-Comedies of Error

Tragi-Comedies of Error By Wilfrid Bovey December 1953 The First Canadian Contingent left Valcartier for Britain; their armada, convoyed by ships of the Royal Navy,

Canadian Poets of World War I

Canadian Poets of World War I By R.O. Spreckley April 1953 General James Wolfe is reported to have said on the eve of the epoch-making

Then and There

Then and There By Wilfred Bovey September, 1953 Memories are queer things; even philosophers and psychologists are not sure what they are. Yet we all

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