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Day: July 25, 2022

The ties that bind
Artifacts, Military History

The ties that bind

PoWs bore the brunt of a shackling spat during the Second World War  When Canadians hit the beaches at Dieppe in August 1942, they were ordered to prevent any German prisoners they captured from destroying evidence.  “We had orders to bind our prisoners. Not bind their feet or hands, but just bind their two thumbs with a cord and then put their hands behind their backs, and loop the cord around the neck,” said Roland Gravel, a gunner with the Fusiliers Mont-Royal. Instead, Gravel and 1,945 other Canadians were themselves taken prisoner during the raid. The Germans found their detainment orders, too.  They demanded an apology from Britain and a promise never to bind prisoners again. Britain refused and ordered shackling of German prisoners. Germany said there would be reprisals.   O...

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