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Day: June 13, 2022

Flood Force
Front Lines, Military Milestones

Flood Force

When domestic emergencies strike —such as the November 2021 B.C. floods—the Canadian military often comes to the rescue Over two days in November 2021, a “pineapple express” rolled through the Pacific Northwest, leaving in its wake a swath of devastation the likes of which had not been seen in living memory.   A reference to its oceanic origins northeast of Hawaii, pineapple express is a lyrical moniker for what meteor-ologists call an “atmospheric river,” or a corridor of concentrated moisture. It sounds less threatening than it is. When it made landfall on Nov. 14, the storm commenced a chaotic run of devastation wrought by high winds and heavy rains—a once-in-500-year event that dealt British Columbia up to $9 billion in damages. By the time the blitz was over, the storm had dump...

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