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Day: June 6, 2022

D-Day bicycle
Artifacts, Military History

D-Day bicycle

Quick and quiet, this folding bike played a key Canadian role in Normandy The 14,000 Canadian troops that landed on Juno Beach on D-Day, June 6, 1944, brought with them some seemingly unexpected equipment: more than a thousand bicycles.  As the Allies fanned out from the landing beaches in northern France, the Canadians were to establish a beachhead and head inland to Caen. Most of the bicycles were issued to infantry for quicker and quieter passage, to be cast aside when no longer needed.  Discarded bikes were often picked up by civilians and used for transportation when there were fuel shortages during and after the war. The bikes were typically ridden until they fell apart and so few remain today. But one of the bicycles has survived to join the collection of the Juno Beach Centr...

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