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Day: May 10, 2022

“We are grateful to them, but let them go home”
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“We are grateful to them, but let them go home”

Canadian forces nearly overstayed their welcome after liberating the Netherlands in 1945 There is no doubt the Canadian liberation of the Netherlands was hailed by the Dutch. The small country had been terrorized, brutalized and starved by the Nazis for nearly five years. Their men had been shipped to Germany to work in factories, while Dutch Jews had been sent to their deaths in gas chambers.   The liberators from the First Canadian Army fought their way across the countryside and into the cities bringing food, medicine and freedom with them. The Dutch were enormously grateful and took the troops into their homes—and hearts. They remain thankful to this day, celebrating their liberation with parades of Canadian veterans and tributes in the large Canadian cemeteries. That is the stan...

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