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Day: April 1, 2022

Deerly departed
Humour Hunt

Deerly departed

Alex Gauthier, a retired sergeant from the Governor General’s Foot Guards, recalls a reserves exercise at CFB Petawawa in August 1984.  As a corporal with two years of experience, he was surprised to be made a section commander for the two-week exercise. To start, the troops dug in, rigged concertina wire, dialed in their support weapons and placed trip flares along the perimeter. But days and nights of routine soon faded to boredom. “I tried to keep the troops motivated by saying: ‘Hey, we’re going to get bumped tonight guys, switch on.’ It never happened.”  Then, one night, a trip flare went off. Gauthier looked out to see a huge whitetail buck, frozen in place by the bright flare. “All hell broke loose. I heard FN rifle fire, then bursts of automatic FN C-2 and finally the GPMG ...

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