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Day: March 10, 2022

Medical care in the wars of the future
Health, Military Health Matters

Medical care in the wars of the future

The challenges of battlefield medicine are about to change for Western allied nations, now that the focus of threats has migrated to China, Russia, Iran and North Korea.  Unlike counterterrorism operations, future battlefields are likely to have larger fronts, see more use of long-range ballistic and cruise missile strikes, and produce more blast and burn casualties. The United States military is looking for solutions to gaps it sees in providing medical care in future multi-domain operations, which now include space and cyberspace along with land, air and sea theatres.  It anticipates fighting may be dispersed on multiple, perhaps larger and simultaneous, fronts. Personnel could face combat in large cities and remote and hostile environments that are difficult to reach.  The U.S. mi...

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