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Day: February 25, 2022

C.D. Howe and Albert Speer
Heroes And Villains

C.D. Howe and Albert Speer

Canada’s war production ultimately outpaced Germany’s When war broke out in September1939, Parliament passed the Department of Munitions and Supply Act. Consequently, a civilian department to oversee the nation’s war production was created  with Liberal Transport Minister Clarence Decatur (C.D.) Howe appointed minister. He became known as the “Minister of everything.” An engineer and the most successful businessman-politician of his day, Howe had a blunt, straightforward approach that suited him to the formidable task of reshaping the nation’s industry and economy to a wartime footing. “If we lose the war, nothing will matter,” Howe declared. Howe sailed for Britain in December 1940 aboard the unescorted passenger ship Western Prince to secure vital war material blueprints and spe...

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