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Day: February 24, 2022

From Battlefields to Farm Fields
Home Front

From Battlefields to Farm Fields

A legion of demobilized servicemen settled in Western Canada after the Armistice. On the field of battle, they developed alertness and wisdom, and they will return with both shedding from every pore. Action was their byword, and it will stand them in good stead now that the din of battle no longer rings in their ears....” So proclaimed the pamphlet Canada West: The Last Best West in 1919. From 1904 to 1930, the annual publication was part of Ottawa’s decades-long drive to attract immigrants to settle and till the soils of the four western provinces. It had traditionally targeted British, Americans and northern and eastern Europeans, but this 1919 issue was aimed squarely at returning Canadian servicemen. “The Canadian people, under the supreme test of a war such as the world has nev...

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