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Day: June 17, 2021

Medical Advances Behind The Line, Part 2
Health, Military History

Medical Advances Behind The Line, Part 2

The odds of recovering from a wound in the Second World War were nearly twice as high as in the Great War. Doctors attributed the improvement to better treatment for shock and blood loss; antibiotics to fight infection; improvements in surgery; and prompt and efficient medical and surgical treatment.  Although the killing machines of this war were just as murderous, medical advances cut the mortality rate to 66 per thousand from 114 per thousand in the First World War. The men and women of the Canadian Medical Services handled more than two million wartime casualties. The service grew from only 40 permanent medical officers in 1939 into a medical corps for all three services employing 5,219 medical officers, 4,172 nursing sisters and 40,000 other ranks and ratings.  Medical breakthro...

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