Day: June 10, 2021

London, Ont., reaches “functional zero veteran homelessness”

London, Ont., reaches “functional zero veteran homelessness”

London, Ont., announced on Feb. 16 that it has functionally eradicated veteran homelessness within its boundaries.     The municipality partnered with Built for Zero Canada (BFZ-C), a national effort by the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness to address the problem in London. BFZ-C monitors the progress of 12 participating cities. It has endorsed London’s claim that the city is the first Canadian community to attain “functional zero veteran homelessness” status. The term means the number of veterans experiencing homelessness is less than, or equal to, the number of veterans a community has proven it can house in a month. In July 2020, the city completed a “by-name list” of every known homeless veteran in the community. Using the list of 20 names and through relationships with organiza...

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