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Day: March 15, 2021

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Choose our cover for the next issue of Canada’s Ultimate Story!

The next issue of Canada’s Ultimate Story is Canada and the brutal battles of THE SOMME. Help choose the cover by casting your vote. The Battle of the Somme lasted 141 days, from July 1 to Nov. 18, 1916. It levied more than a million casualties, including more than 24,000 Canadians and 700 Newfoundlanders. It stands among history’s most notorious battles. To many, it is the poster child of the Great War’s staggering waste and appalling failures. But for the Canadian Corps, the Somme was a coming of age, setting the stage for their seminal victories to follow. CLICK ON THE ABOVE PHOTO TO ENLARGE   Loading…
Changed forever by war
Defence Today, Front Lines

Changed forever by war

Personal stories of dozens of Canadians who had roles in the Second World War are told in a new exhibition at the Canadian War Museum. But it is the story of Regina’s Campbell brothers that struck a particular chord with historian Tim Cook. “I can’t imagine the grief and sorrow of their parents,” said Cook, the exhibition curator and author of 13 books on Canada’s military history. Their parents, Rev. Harvey Campbell and novelist Grace Campbell, travelled to Europe from their home in Montreal in July 1947 to visit their sons’ graves—Roy’s in Adegem Canadian War Cemetery in Belgium and Grant’s at Cambrai Communal Cemetery in France. In a subsequent letter to Air Vice-Marshal Ralph E. McBurney, a fellow Montrealer and senior air force liaison officer in London, Rev. Campbell describ...
Looking for a good night’s sleep
Military Health Matters

Looking for a good night’s sleep

Lack of sleep is always in the background of a military career. Military jobs, operations and missions go on around the clock and don’t come to a halt at bedtime.  CAF members are expected to be prepared to miss meals and work irregular or prolonged hours. Duty comes first. But even when duty is done, the stress of service can interfere with shut-eye.  Sleep deficiency can slide into sleep deprivation without many individuals noticing. But around the world, military organizations and veterans affairs departments are beginning to take notice of the effects of lack of sleep.  The Canadian Armed Forces introduced adequate sleep as part of the new fitness strategy introduced in 2019.  A U.S. study on the effects of sleep deprivation during combat operations said the ability to do u...
Rugged Workhorse
Home Front

Rugged Workhorse

From the Sahara to Normandy, Canadian Military Pattern trucks kept armies supplied and moving The Desert Fox, General Erwin Rommel, had to make a decision. It was June 1942 and after mauling Britain’s Eighth Army in the Western Desert campaign, the commander of Germany’s Panzer Army Africa was at the end of his logistical support.   Rommel was a brilliant tactician, but his strategic vision was dulled by the defeat he inflicted on the British in Libya, forcing them to retreat to El Alamein, Egypt, a shot-up railway station along the Mediterranean coast. He decided to make one last effort to crack British defences and have his Panzer forces roll through Egypt to the Nile. But first he had to capture Tobruk, Libya, and gain the stores and petrol left by the retreating British—supplies...

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