On this date: March 2020


1 March 1917
Fourth Canadian Division launches a poison gas raid at Vimy Ridge, but German artillery ruptures some of the gas cylinders and many Canadians are overcome when the wind changes direction.

2 March 2008
Trooper Michael Yuki Hayakaze is killed by an improvised explosive device; more than 3,000 soldiers and civilians later gather in Afghanistan to pay respects.

4 March 1943
While escorting a convoy to the Mediterranean prior to the invasion of Sicily, HMC ships St. Croix and Shediac detect and sink enemy submarine U-87.


7 March 1951
Second Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, assaults and secures Hill 532 in the Battle of Maehwa-San in South Korea; seven die and 37 are wounded.

8 March 1996
The United Nations peacekeeping mission in Rwanda officially ends in failure after an estimated 500,000 to 1 million Rwandans are killed in genocide; 600 Canadian troops served.

9 March 1812
A British spy’s letters are presented to the U.S. Congress, sparking the War of 1812.


13 March 2002
In Paktia Province, Afghanistan, land and air forces of the U.S. and Canada launch an assault on Taliban and al-Qaida resistance.

Manitoba Museum
14 March 1916
Women are granted the right to hold office and vote in Saskatchewan provincial elections.

16 March 1935
Adolf Hitler violates the Treaty of Versailles by ordering Germany to rearm and starts conscription to strengthen the armed forces.


17-18 March 1813
The British at Fort Erie, on the Niagara River, begin an artillery duel, firing across the Niagara River on Black Rock, N.Y.

19 March 1978
A United Nations peacekeeping force is established in Southern Lebanon to restore peace after an Israeli invasion. Canada sends 117 troops.


20 March 1944
Lieutenant-General Harry Crerar assumes command of First Canadian Army.

22 March 1944
The Canadian Army reaches its greatest strength—495,804, including 74,391 conscripted men and 15,845 women.

23 March 1965
Fifteen RCAF aviators are killed when their Argus patrol plane goes down in a night exercise off Puerto Rico.

25 March 2008
After an ambush in the Panjwaii region of Afghanistan, Corporal T.B. Myroniuk provides clever cover fire on the enemy, enabling his patrol to escape without casualties. He is awarded the Medal of Military Valour.

26 March 1885
The first battle of the 1885 Northwest Rebellion is fought at Duck Lake in what is now Saskatchewan.

27 March 1756
French forces, Canadian militia and Indian allies take British-held Fort Bull, N.Y.

28 March-1 April 1918
More than 150 casualties occur during the anti-conscription Easter Riots in Quebec City, which end with the deployment of more than 1,000 soldiers.

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