On this date: June 2019

1 JUNE 1956
The RCAF and USAF finalize plans for the Mid-Canada Line, defensive radar sites stretching from Labrador to British Columbia.

2-13 JUNE 1916
Germany captures Mount Sorrel on the Ypres Salient; the Canadian Corps suffers 8,430 casualties, including 130 officers and 3,033 other ranks killed or missing.


6 JUNE 1944
On D-Day, approximately 14,500 Canadians land on Juno Beach on France’s Normandy coast, and by day’s end make their way farther inland than any other Allied force.

9 JUNE 1989
The first Canadian female fighter pilots graduate from the CF-18 program.


11 JUNE 1900
Canadian mounted troops advance against Boers occupying Diamond Hill in South Africa.


13 JUNE 1916
Troops under command of Major-General Arthur Currie counterattack at Mount Sorrel in Belgium, restoring front lines at a cost of 8,000 Canadians killed, wounded or captured.

14 JUNE 1617
The first French family to cultivate land in Canada settles near today’s Quebec City.

15 June 2003
HMCS Iroquois heads for home from maritime surveillance and inspection duty in the Persian Gulf.

16 JUNE 1993
Canada withdraws its peacekeepers from Cyprus, ending a 29-year mission, during which more than 25,000 Canadians served and 28 gave their lives.


17 JUNE 1903
Explorer Roald Amundsen leaves Norway for Canada. He is the first to navigate the Northwest Passage from east to west, reaching the Bering Strait in 1906.

20 JUNE 2007
A roadside bomb in southern Afghanistan claims three soldiers from the 3rd Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry.

Lorne Kidd Smith, c. 1920

22 JUNE 1813
Laura Secord walks 32 kilometres to warn the British that the Americans are planning an attack.

23 JUNE 1943
Canadian pilots in an RAF Transport Command Dakota complete the first transatlantic glider tow from Montreal to Prestwick, Scotland, delivering medical supplies, engine parts and radio components.

24 JUNE 1944
HMCS Haida helps hunt down U-971 off the coast of England; 52 German submariners are taken prisoner.

25 JUNE 1950
North Korea invades South Korea. Nearly 27,000 Canadians serve in the Korean War; 516 are killed and 1,558 wounded.

28 JUNE 1922
The Department of National Defence is formed by consolidating the departments of Naval Services, Militia and Defence and the Air Board.


29 JUNE 1922
France grants Canada land surrounding Vimy Ridge for a memorial park; the Canadian National Vimy Memorial is unveiled there in 1936.

30 JUNE 1992
The United Nations orders 850 Canadian peacekeepers to take over and secure the airport in Sarajevo, Bosnia, to allow food and medicine to reach 300,000 people trapped by the civil war.

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