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On this date: March 2019
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On this date: March 2019

1 March 1942 Canadian Women’s Army Corps is granted full army status. Previously, only nursing sisters were admitted into the Canadian Armed Forces. 2 March 1951 DND publishes its first Korean War casualty list. Today, the names of 516 Canadians are inscribed in the Korean War Book of Remembrance. 3 March 1915 The First Canadian Division is now responsible for a large section of front near Fleurbaix, France, as part of IV Corps (United Kingdom). 4 March 1885 The first contingent of returning Nile voyageurs arrives in Halifax after assisting in the effort to relieve the besieged British garrison at Khartoum, Sudan. 6 March 2002 Nearly 130 combat troops of the 2nd Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, are sent to Afghanistan to search for terrorists. 7-10 Ma...

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