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November 1, 2018 by Legion Magazine

Bjorn Larson

1 November 1939
Daily coast-to-coast flights are launched by Trans-Canada Air Lines.

2 November 1907
A proclamation announces the creation of the Ottawa branch of the Royal Mint.

4 November 1990
Prime Minister Brian Mulroney apologizes to Canadians of Italian origin forced to live in internment camps during the Second World War.

6 November 1917
Sergeant Colin Barron and Private James Robertson earn the Victoria Cross for actions in the Battle of Passchendaele.

7 November 1910
RCN cruiser HMCS Rainbow arrives at Esquimalt, B.C., after becoming the first Canadian ship to sail around South America by the Strait of Magellan.

8 November 2008
Kidnapped by insurgents in Kabul, Afghanistan, CBC reporter Mellissa Fung is released after 28 days in captivity.


9 November 1942
German spy Werner von Janowski is dropped off by U-518 at Chaleur Bay, Que., and is later captured.

10 November 1950
A U.S. Air Force B-50 bomber accidentally detonates an unarmed Mark IV atomic weapon over Saint-Alexandre-de-Kamouraska, Que.


11 November 1918
The Armistice brings an end to the First World War. Nearly 620,000 Canadians served, more than 66,000 gave their lives and some 172,000 were wounded.

13-18 November 1916
The Battle of the Ancre, the final large British attack of the Battle of the Somme, results in a British victory.


14 November 1981
Canadarm, the Canadian-made robotic arm, performs flawlessly in testing on Space Shuttle Columbia.

15 November 1956
Devised by Canadian External Affairs minister Lester B. Pearson, the United Nations Emergency Force arrives in Egypt to help end the Suez Crisis.

16-17 November 1915
A large-scale trench raid at night by Canadian troops serves as a blueprint for how future raids should be conducted.

17 November 1994
The federal government announces the Commission of Inquiry into the Deployment of Canadian Forces to Somalia.

19 November 1943
Members of the elite American-Canadian First Special Service Force (The Devil’s Brigade) arrive in Naples, Italy.

23 November 1809
Convicted in Canada’s first piracy trial, Edward Jordan is hanged in Halifax.

27 November 1951
Negotiations are revived for a ceasefire in Korea.

29 November 1944
Canadian-built merchant ship Fort Cataraqui leads the first convoy following the Battle of the Scheldt into Antwerp, Belgium.


30 November 2000
Space Shuttle Endeavour launches with Canadian astronaut Marc Garneau aboard, on his third and final space flight.

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