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September 4, 2018 by Legion Magazine

1 September 1939
Nazi Germany invades Poland.

2 September 1918
After a week of heavy fighting, Canadian troops break through the Drocourt-Quéant Line at Arras, France.

7 September 1942
HMCS Raccoon is sunk by U-165 while on convoy duty near Pointe-au-Père, Que., killing all 37 crew on board.

9 September 1916
Corporal Leo Clarke leads an attack to clear the enemy at the Battle of Courcelette. A counterattack is repelled by his exceptional bravery. He is awarded the Victoria Cross for his actions.

Peter Rindlisbacher Marine Art

10 September 1813
The Americans gain control of the upper Great Lakes after defeating the British at the Battle of Lake Erie.

11 September 1942
U-517 torpedoes and sinks HMCS Charlottetown in the St. Lawrence River near Cap Chat, Que. Six of her crew are lost that day, with four later dying of wounds sustained during the attack.

12 September 1918
Allied forces attack along the Western Front, regaining almost all ground lost to the Germans during the spring and summer offensive.

Benjamin West, LAC

13 September 1759
General James Wolfe leads the British in an attack against the French, led by General Louis-Joseph de Montcalm at the Plains of Abraham. Both generals die from wounds sustained during the battle. The British are victorious, resulting in the French ceding most of its eastern North American possessions to the British.

14 September 1884
The first overseas expedition by Canadians begins as several hundred boatmen depart Canada en route to Egypt to take part in the Nile Expedition.

15 September 1762
The British defeat the French at Signal Hill in St. John’s in the last battle of the Seven Years War.

17 September 1944
Operation Market Garden, a bold but unsuccessful Allied attempt to shorten the war, begins.

18 September 1893
Sir John Hamilton Gordon, 7th Earl of Aberdeen, is sworn in as Canada’s 7th Governor General.

Gal 6
Ready for action The Newfoundland Regiment forms up at Aldershot, England, prior to sailing for Gallipoli in August 1915.

19-20 September 1915
The Newfoundland Regiment lands at Sulva Bay, on the western side of the Gallipoli Peninsula.

22 September 1988
Four decades after the Second World War, Prime Minister Brian Mulroney issues a formal apology and announces a compensation package will be given to interned Japanese-Canadian survivors and their families.

vintage wooden oval frame isolated over white background, clipping path

25 September 1926
William Lyon Mackenzie King is sworn in as Prime Minister for the second time.


29 September 1927
The Hudson Strait Expedition begins, leading the RCAF to explore the eastern Arctic and establish radio stations.

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