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Day: September 27, 2018

Benefits of long-term RCAF study continue
Health, Military Health Matters

Benefits of long-term RCAF study continue

The Manitoba Follow-up Study (MFUS) is one of the longest health research studies in the world, if not the longest. After 70 years, it is still producing useful data. In 1948, it began tracking cardiovascular health of nearly 4,000 male Royal Canadian Air Force veterans. Roughly half remained in aviation for their full careers, either with the RCAF or commercial airlines (and half of those were career pilots). The other half returned to other civilian occupations. Participants had routine medical examinations, including cardiovascular assessments, every five years at first, then at three-year intervals. Since 1978, they’ve filled out annual questionnaires, and now are contacted three times a year. Data on smoking habits, cardiovascular health and physical activity were collected initi...

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