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Blood in the Mud | 360 VR-Experience

This video is best viewed on a mobile device or VR headset. Use headphones for a fully immersive environment.

Experience the First World War Battle of Beaumont-Hamel from a perspective never before portrayed. Brought to you by Legion Magazine, this 360/VR experience is an artist’s representation of the past and present landscape during and following the battle that took place on July 1, 1916.

A new bilingual, interactive 360° VR-EXPERIENCE from Legion Magazine—“Blood in the Mud 360°”—examines the role of the Newfoundland Regiment and the Canadian Expeditionary Force in the monumental First World War battle that took place more than 100 years ago on both sides of the Somme River in France, from July 1 to Nov. 18, 1916. The assault at Beaumont-Hamel on July 1 saw the Newfoundlanders all but wiped out in only 30 minutes. The Battle of the Somme continued for more than four months, and more than 1.3 million soldiers on both sides were killed or wounded. Through a virtual battlefield tour, this video explores the sacrifices of the Newfoundland and Canadian soldiers, placing the events of Beaumont-Hamel into the context of the Battle of the Somme and the greater war.

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Created for Legion Magazine by: Tango and Suede Productions
Narration by: Michael Goyette, Sophie Jalbert
Music By: Erika_Gonzalez/gettyimages

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