Day: February 23, 2018

The smoke of war
Home Front

The smoke of war

“Our Boys Want Smokes,” trumpets a First World War storefront window poster sponsored by the Over-Seas Club. “For 25 cents we send a dollar’s worth. Contributions received here for Canada’s Tobacco Fund.” It was happening all across the country: show your patriotism and support our troops in the trenches overseas with gifts of tobacco. Even school kids in Brantford, Ont., were encouraged to donate their pennies to the local Children’s Cigarette Fund. Many other groups in Canada enthusiastically supported similar campaigns. The Vancouver Kiwanis Club donated through an organization called the British Columbia Overseas Tobacco Fund. The Overseas League (Canada) Tobacco and Hamper Fund of Toronto was another. Employers, workers and relatives joined the fervour, sending cigarettes to ov...

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