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1 January 1916
In his New Years’ message, Prime Minister Sir Robert Borden announces the country’s goal to place 500,000 men in uniform.


2 January 1929
W.R. (Wop) May and Vic Homer deliver diphtheria serum by Avro Avian biplane to Fort Vermilion, Alta.

3 January 1962
An RCAF helicopter crew rescues 23 men from a freighter stranded off Ucluelet, B.C.

4 January 1951
Seoul, South Korea, falls to North Korean forces for the second time.

5 January 1919
The German Workers’ Party, precursor to the Nazi Party, is founded by Anton Drexler.

6 January 2008
Corporal Éric Labbé and Warrant Officer Hani Massouh are killed in a vehicle rollover incident in the volatile Zhari district of southern Afghanistan.


 7 January 1945
British General Bernard Montgomery takes credit for the victory at the Battle of the Bulge during a press conference in Zonhoven, Belgium.


8 January 1944
U-757 is sunk in the North Atlantic by HMCS Camrose and HMS Bayntun, with all 49 hands lost.

9 January 1941
The Avro Lancaster prototype is flown for the first time at RAF Ringway in Cheshire, England. It would become the most successful RAF bomber of the Second World War.

10 January 1946
The first General Assembly of the United Nations is held in London, England.

11 January 1914
Canadian Arctic Expedition ship Karluk sinks north of Siberia leaving its crew, including Captain Robert Bartlett, stranded. Bartlett embarks on a 1,000-kilometre journey to find help, resulting in their rescue in September.

12 January 1910
The Naval Service Bill is introduced by the federal government in the House of Commons.

13 January 1943
HMCS Ville de Québec sinks U-224 in the western Mediterranean.

14 January 1902
The Second Regiment, Canadian Mounted Rifles sails from Halifax aboard the SS Manhattan en route to South Africa.

15-16 January 1949
A Canadair North Star makes the first non-stop trans-Canada flight from Vancouver to Halifax, a distance of 4,440 kilometres.

17 January 1991
The Canadian task group sent to the Persian Gulf accounts for more than 25 per cent of the interceptions conducted by coalition forces prior to the start of the air offensive during the Gulf War.


18 January 1967
Yellowknife is selected as the capital of the Northwest Territories.

19 January 1948
The first de Havilland Vampire Mk III jets are taken on strength by the RCAF.

20 January 1944
HMC ships Athabaskan, Haida and Iroquois conduct their first night patrol of the English Channel as part of the 10th Destroyer Flotilla.

21 January 1916
Brigadier John Sinton is awarded the Victoria Cross for tending to casualties while suffering severe bullet wounds during the Turkish siege of Kut-el-Almara at the Orah Ruins in Mesopotamia.

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 22 January 1944
Allied forces establish a beachhead at Anzio, Italy.

23 January 1943
No. 164 Squadron, RCAF is formed in Moncton, N.B.

24 January 1945
An increasing threat of Japanese fire balloons leads the RCAF to provide assistance in the detection, reporting and recovery of balloons.

25 January 1919
Canada is among the delegates at the Paris Peace Conference approving the proposal to create the League of Nations.

Men from the Lincoln and Welland Regiment the day after the end of the battle of Kapelsche Veer.
Photo: LAC – 3337836

26-31 January 1945
Canadians are victorious at the Battle for the Kapelsche Veer in the Netherlands.

27 January 1987
Colonel Sheila Hellstrom is promoted to brigadier-general, becoming Canada’s first female general.

28 January 1918
Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae, author of “In Flanders Fields,” dies of pneumonia and meningitis in Boulogne, France.

29 January 1944
Spearheaded by Canadian spies Lucien Dumais and Raymond LaBrosse, Operation Bonaparte, the key operation in Shelburne, one of the most successful escape networks of the Second World War, is launched in France.

30 January 1911
Canada officially requests the designation of “Royal” for the Naval Service of Canada. King George V would grant permission on Aug. 29 of that year.

31 January 1916
The 6th Canadian Brigade (2nd Division) conducts a raid in the Spanbroekmolen salient in Belgium.

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