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Day: November 22, 2017

Canada introduces a new era in peacekeeping
Front Lines

Canada introduces a new era in peacekeeping

The federal government unveiled its new peacekeeping policy on Nov. 15, more than a year after it declared it would provide the United Nations with up to 600 troops and 150 police officers. Now, after almost two years of review, during which confusion and frustration mounted at the UN and among contributors looking for relief, Ottawa announced a comprehensive plan it says will set a standard for a new era of peacekeeping. At the core of the new plan is a 200-member quick-reaction force poised to deploy on short notice. When that force might be ready to go, and where, is anyone’s guess. But the government says it is not backing away from its earlier promises. “The impact of the announcements we’re making today will be much larger than the still-significant commitment of 600 Canadia...

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